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 At St Augustine’s Priory we are conscious that although we ourselves form a community, we are also part of the wider community.  Priory Purpose is a Sixth Form project that reaches out into this wider community and organises and takes part in a variety of activities.  All pupils in the Sixth Form are members of Priory Purpose.  The project itself can involve a range of activities which help people in the community, fundraising for various charities, organising food and clothes drives as well as a wide variety of sponsored activities.

The latest in the series of Priory Purpose projects is this new website full of enriching Primary School resources for creative subjects, such as Art, Music and Drama.  Pupils are St Augustine’s Priory have access to a rich creative curriculum from EYFS all the way through to the end of their A Level studies and it was felt that all pupils throughout the UK should be given the opportunity to learn or enrich their creative skills.  Albert Einstein famously said that ‘Creativity is intelligence having fun’.

Our website designers are Jasmine and Angela who are in Lower VI (Year 12).  Jasmine is studying Maths, Physics, Computer Science A Levels as well as an AS in Further Maths.  Jasmine is hoping to studying a computing-related degree at university.  Angela is studying Art, Maths and Physics at A Level and is hoping to study architecture at university.

They both hope that this initiative will have a positive impact on children during Lockdown and allow them access to more creative resources as part of their overall education.  They are also delighted to be involved in improving the learning and providing fun activities for younger children who are missing out on school during the COVID-19 Lockdown.  They are proud to use their skills, knowledge and the values St Augustine’s Priory instils in its pupils to give-back to the wider community by helping share the amazing resources that they have had access to at St Augustine’s Priory.

St Augustine’s Priory Values

A love of learning: we want each girl to achieve her potential and more.

Integrity and truth: we encourage the strength of character, and when pupils leave school they are rooted in values, which make them effective in their personal and professional lives.

Courage: we encourage intellectual risk taking, enabling our pupils to think and act boldly, and developing the stomach for challenges which life throws at us. Through a bold approach to emotional intelligence we build the resilience girls need to live their lives fully and with dignity.

Freedom of spirit: we believe that each member of our community is unique, with her own giftedness. We want each girl to be true to herself, to know her worth.

A community: we are a community where respect for others and the wider community, thoughtfulness, generosity, forgiveness and love of others are central.

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